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The Magic Chair Personalised Books

A little about us!

The Magic Chair has been created by 3 members of Bonacia's creative team. Bonacia Ltd is a publishing house and we have over 20 years experience in publishing children's books. Please read our story below to find out how the Magic Chair was born.

Once upon a time, two guys from web,
Went to see the directors and this is what they said...
We have an idea, and golly it's great,
It's suitable for children zero to eight.

So this is how the Magic Chair was born,
We called in designer Ali to get it drawn.
She worked and worked until it was done,
Creating every child under the sun.

The idea guys, Carl and Ben,
Said we better make the website then.
They wanted to make it as easy as can be,
Now you can order your book in 1,2,3!

We called on production to make some books,
Everyone was thrilled with the way it looks.
From idea to product this is how,
So go on, start creating yours now.

Ben Reeves, Carl West & Ali Smith

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