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Your Child
Created with a little help from Mummy & Daddy
Your Child

In the corner of the room there lived a chair,
it was plain and old with no pattern nor flair.

But Your Child knew it was a magical chair,
you could think of a place and it would take you there.

He sat on the cushion and closed his eyes,
and prepared himself for a wondrous surprise.

He imagined the places

Your Child gazed around the ocean bed,
A shoal of fish swam over his head.
He saw an old ship that sank long ago,
And a treasure chest with jewels aglow.
A seahorse and a turtle swam with grace,
A pink octopus peeked from its hiding place.
Your Child was amazed by creatures big and small,
But the huge blue whale was his favourite of all.
One, two three...
The magic chair was sailing free,
The magic chair would swoop and tumble,
and Your Child
Your Child landed on the green grassy ground,
There were lots of animals hidden around.
An elephant eating leaves first caught his eye.
Then two parrots on a branch way up high.
The pink butterfly was the most colourful he'd seen,
There was a spider, some ants, and a snake, long and green.
Your Child saw a cheeky monkey, which swung to and fro,
and a little tiger cub that came to say hello.
One, two three...
The magic chair was flying free,
Joy and excitement in the air,
and Your Child
Your Child was in awe, a big smile on his face,
To see all the children in this magical place.
An enormous big wheel that seemed to touch the sky,
A hook-a-duck stall and a coconut shy.
There was popcorn, doughnuts, toffee apples and sweets,
Your Child chose candyfloss from the assortment of treats.
There were balloons and a helter-skelter – a really big slide.
but the merry-go-round was Your Child's favourite ride.
One, two three...
The magic chair was flying free,
The magic chair would dive and roll,
and Your Child
Your Child saw a house made of ice and snow,
"This is an igloo," said a kind Eskimo.
The animals were white, almost impossible to see,
But Your Child saw a wise old owl sitting in a tree.
A brown seal popped his head from a hole,
He had long bristly whiskers and eyes black as coal.
Standing in the distance was a large polar bear,
and right next to Your Child sat a fluffy Arctic hare.
One, two three...
The magic chair was flying free,
On to another wonderful place,
and Your Child
Your Child and the chair floated amongst the stars,
He could see many planets – Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.
He felt like he was a real astronaut,
"I am glad I have this special helmet," he thought.
Through his visor he could see moons and galaxies,
And planet Earth shone with its deep blue seas.
Your Child saw a rocket and a bright shooting star,
and a little green alien, who had travelled so far.
One, two three...
The magic chair was flying free,
After all the magical places he'd flown,
Your Child

Your Child and the chair settled back on the floor,
he opened his eyes and smiled at what he saw.

Fantastic toys from the places he'd been,
The tiger cub, the whale, and the alien so green.

Your Child will always remember the landscapes he saw,
And now he was eager to see so much more.

He will always cherish that old magic chair,
Maybe tomorrow he'll visit new places...

Dear Joseph, Have a Magical Adventure Love Mummy & Daddy x
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